It started with an idea

US army products have been popular since the dawn of time. Ever since the first US army products were made, there was a certain type of feeling that got attached to it. The US army stands for something. And this goes for all of their products as well.

And thus we had the idea that it should be possible for a wide range of people to get their hands on these products. Especially since there are so many items that aren’t used by the army itself anymore. By deploying some hard work we were able to build a structure that led to the US army auction.

Our Upcoming Auctions

We have been the leader in Ex US army products for over 10 years. All our products come straight from the US army. These products have no use for the Army anymore. We auction off these items at no reserve price.

Why we built US army auction
In our opinion, there were a couple of reasons why we thought it would be worth it to build this US army auction platform. It turned out that it were these reasons that were responsible for the great success of this whole structure. We are then talking about things like:

“Amount of EX US army products”

In our opinion, it would be a huge waste to just dispose of all the ex US army products. When the army is done with their items, they really don’t have any goal left for them. It is exactly at that moment that it becomes valuable for outside parties. Knowing about the huge popularity of the US army products, we thought it would be worth our while to build a structure around getting them to the interested parties. After all, there are yearly so many investments into the US army. This means that supplies are renewed and expanded pretty fast. The amount of ex US army products warrants for a proper place for them to end up in.

“Huge range of available products

A second big reason why we decided to build US army auction is the fact that there is such a huge range of available products. It’s not that you can only pick some army clothes for example. This is what people usually think. They aren’t aware of the enormous possibilities when it comes to ex US army products. From vehicles and tyres until fitness equipment and construction tools. And everything in between. Of course, the army clothing is also present in huge numbers. You definitely don’t have to worry about that. All in all there are so many options to end up with one or more of the ex US army products. It’s entirely up to you to pick the ones that you really want to have. 

“Huge range of available products
“No great options to buy US army items”
  • Furthermore, it pulled our interest that there weren’t any viable ways to get access to a huge amount of ex US army products yet. So in our minds, it was time to set something up that did give people this option. By that time, we were already for a long time aware of the fact that there was a lot of interest in this

particular region. There were for example a lot of collectors active that actively looked for these kind of opportunities. But on the other side, there were also a lot of people interested in US army products, but didn’t know how to get their hands on them. If only we made it a little bit easier to give them access to this, is what we thought at the moment. In the end, it turned out to be one of the main reasons for us to work on this platform that we built. We got to know more and more that US army auctions is literally a great way for people to come in contact with the world of ex US army items.

Buyer decides the value”

Then there was another point that deserved some attention. We’re talking about the fact that the ex US army items should be valued. This is always a little bit of a grey area. Especially for lesser known products, it’s not always as easy to decide what the value is. This greatly depends on the demand for the specific product as well. If there are a lot of interested parties in one particular item, chances are the value eventually skyrockets. And thus we leave it up to you, the visitor, what the end value of the ex US army products is going to be. We just take on the role as supplier of the products, without necessarily attaching a price tag to anything. In the end, it is our belief that it will lead to the fairest prices possible. Everybody will be able to get their hands on some product.

Buyer decides the value”
“New chance every month
  • Is there a situation wherein you find the prices of certain products are rising too high? Or don’t you see anything that pulls your interest? Then there is very good news for you. The auction returns every month. This means that you’ll have a new chance every month to get your hands on same of the ex US army products. Even if there’s literally nothing of interest to you in one month, then the tides can turn completely in the next one. It’s always hard to know up front what the supply from the US army is going to look like. But you can be sure of the fact that we will keep auctioning new products every time. It is one of the core reasons why we started this platform. It should be something permanent. Something that people can keep looking forward to in the future.
Some of Our Products
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Construction Tools

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