We have been the leader in Ex US army products for over 10 years. All our products come straight from the US army. These products have no use for the Army anymore. We auction off these items at no reserve price.

It has been our experience that there is a lot of demand for US army products. They seem to be appealing to quite a big audience. Therefore it is our aim to provide as much items as we possible can in this way.

This unique way of working has been a great success so far. The people we sell the US army items to seem to be very happy that they got their hands on this product through this auction. Since there are so many different items, there is something for everyone.

Try checking out the auction once in a while to see the range of different products that are available. Only by regularly checking in, you will find that there are more than enough US army items that are just like you wished for.

High quality equipment

The quality standard for the US army is very high, they only use the best products in the industry. Because they are the US army, they can’t afford to make any mistakes regarding their equipment. This ensures that you will have the availability over products that are of the highest order. They have been tested thoroughly on performance. There has to be zero concern regarding the quality of this equipment. With normal use, you will have the availability over an item that will be of use to you for many years.

Equipment from the US army

All the items that we offer have been used or purchased by the US army. This means that all the products are really legit. You can be sure of the fact that they have some type of history with the real US army. This gives a tremendous extra value to these items. The fact that they are all original makes it incredibly appealing for a large audience.

Available through action

The items are up for auction without a reserve every month. The good thing about the US army products is that they are available through auction. This means that you will have a chance every month to become the owner of one of these items. Just take a look at what the possibilities are and which option you momentarily like the most. If all goes well, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a new US army item.


Like mentioned before, each auction we have a variety of products we offer. These products will differ every auction. The products can range from dental equipment to heavy militair vehicles. And that is what’s the beauty of this auction style. You can never really know what to expect. One month there might not be any products that pull your interest, whereas the following month the opposite seems to be the truth.
A small range of the products we offer will be described below.

Army Vehicles

Army vehicles are of course one of the most know US army products. These army vehicles immediately pull your attention. It are these items that usually go for a relatively higher price. Just because the intrinsic worth of such US army items is incredibly high. When we’re talking about army vehicles, we’re talking about Military trucks, Fire Fighting Trucks, Motorcycles, Cars and Trailers. As mentioned before, you never really know when which item will be available through the auction. This differs from month to month.


Generators are an important part of the US army. It’s important to be able to get vehicles from one place to another. In order to make that happen, you need generators, like a Portable, Gasoline or Diesel Fuel. Because of this, we put these items up for auction. Those generators were really used by the US army. Just like all of our other products, there was a time when the military had a use for these items. Thus, it’s incredibly attractive to certain people to be able to get their hands on these products.

Tyres and Rims:

Tyres and rims are an essential part of every military vehicle. A lot of times, military vehicles have to move through rough terrain. To be able to do this, you need the highest quality combination of tyres and rims. Therefore, the US army military uses brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, Cooper and more. Do you want to own some original military tyres and rims? Then try to get a hold of them in the monthly auction.

Forklift Trucks

Forklikft trucks are used by the US army as well. You can possibly imagine that there are a lot of heavy boxes present that have to be moved from location to location. The use of a forklift truck then comes in pretty handy. The good thing about the availability of forklift trucks is that there are different versions. Like the Forklift trucks 3-wheel, Forklift trucks 4-wheel ,Pallet trucks or Reachtrucks. Which one immediately gets the most of your attention?

Garage Tools

Garage tools aren’t only used by the everyday man. Also in the US army, there are multiple garage tools that have their special time and place to be of value. Think for example about Garage jacks, Tyre changers, Vehicle lifts, Tool trolleys or a Garage press. Those items are all available once every so many months through our auction.

Construction Tools

Construction tools are a necessary part of a well-functioning military force. When we talk about construction tools, we talk about items like Heaters, Lighting, Ladders and Plate compactors. There’s a good chance that you’ll see a couple of those items in our monthly auction. It’s just a matter of deciding for yourself which of these construction tools you need or like the most.

Music Equipment

Maybe a little bit more surprising part of the US army items is the fact that we have a lot of music equipment. Military personnel likes to make music from time to time. Also, the designs of military music equipment are quite impressive. It gives the items itself a very unique look. Types of music equipment that you will regularly come across in the auction are Trumpets, Pianos, Flutes, Drums and Guitars.

Fitness Equipment

Furthermore, military people are expected to be in shape at all times. To help them with this, they have a lot of fitness equipment available. This military fitness equipment is specifically designed to maximize your fitness. This comes in the form of Cross Trainers, Bicycles, Treadmils, and Steppers. If you’re looking to first hand experience how the US army military people are training themselves, it would be a good idea to bid on fitness equipment during the upcoming auction. Who knows what kind of fitness equipment you could be the owner of.

Army Clothing

Lastly, the periodic auctions consist of a large amount of army clothing. This is one of the most popular sections of the US army auctions. People all over the world love to wear the different parts. You can think for example of  Jackets, T-shirts, Boots, Pants, Sunglasses, Sleeping bags, Protection and Backpacks. All in all, it’s one of the most known collectors items. You can even combine different forms of army clothing with each other to reach an even more complete outfit. If you’re a big fan of army clothing, it’s definitely worth your while to pay attention to any of the upcoming auctions. Chances are you’ll find a high-quality piece of clothing.